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People often wonder about the spelling of the Ohmega in Ohmega Salvage. Our name is a synthesis of two concepts: ‘Ohm’s law,’ the measure of electrical resistance to power (as they said to themselves “Hum, Hum”) and the Greek symbol, Omega, the final letter in the Greek alphabet, signifying that an object can be reborn even when at the apparent end of its life.

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The original logo was designed by a local artist who designed album covers for many famous rock groups at the time. The artist also tried to capture in his design a womb-like appearance to the “O” in Ohmega, again suggesting the rebirth of salvaged objects.

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Ohmega Salvage Staff  January 2013


Current Staff Profiles



Katherine Davis – Owner


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Steve Smith – General Manager

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 Steve Meyer – Acquisitions and Field Operations Manager

 Steve has worked at Ohmega Salvage since 2001. He earned his B.A. in American History, with a minor in Art Studio, from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. At the North  Bennett School in Boston, Massachusetts, Steve earned a NATTS certificate in Preservation and Restoration Carpentry; and for the next ten years, he worked on many historic sites and old homes all over the New England region as an independent contractor.

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Danielle Vaughan – Manager/Hardware Specialist



Tracy Titus – Manager


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Mike Williamson – House Parts Specialist



Natalia Poltoratzky – Inventory Manager



Salvador Vega – Receiving



Mark Alverson – Lo-Tech Consultant



Nez – Social Media Manager


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Megan Greer – Glass Historian


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