How To Buy A Used Door

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A lot of customers come into us saying, “I need a door!”  While we like to help our customers as much as possible, we need a bit more information than that.  If you find yourself in need of a door, in order to help both you and us, you will need the following information: Width, […]

Painting the outside of your vintage clawfoot tub.

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The outsides of old tubs are almost always painted with house paint of some kind.  The tubs, when originally sold, came with raw cast iron on the outside. When the person took the tub home, they usually painted it the same color as the wall of the bathroom. If the tub was set close to […]

How to fix a loose clawfoot tub foot.

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Recently, one of our fans over on Facebook asked about fixing a clawfoot tub foot that keeps slipping off. Tub feet are typically first put on with the tub upside down. That way you do not have to fight gravity to set them in and you have full access to the screws. If the tub […]

How to install plaster ceiling medallions

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In the old days, ceiling medallions were permanently plastered in place by the plasterers. Back then there was usually not an electrical box present. Ideally, you would like access to the box in case there is ever anything wrong . If it is permanently attached you might end up destroying the medallion in order to […]

How to Replace Missing Clawfoot Tub Feet

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Unfortunately, finding a set of feet to fit a vintage claw-foot tub is going to be difficult. There are literally dozens of different designs for mounting feet to tubs. While we normally do have some loose feet, it is rare that we have a matching set of four. And even more rare that those would […]