These railings are not your typical fare that one normally comes across.  These railings came out of a church.  Churches are often the source for such unusual designs.  These railings have a solid, wide, cast aluminum rail on top.  Each section comes with one gate attached to it. If you paired any one of these sections together you could have a nice double wide pair of gates or two singles. Perfect size and height for a decorative garden border or property fence.  Or anything else your imagination can come up with!  Each section has a welded flange with 4 screw holes in each flange to help with securing the sections to a fixed post or building.


2 Long sections: 184″ w.  x  27″ h, with 30″ w.  x  27″ h. gates attached.   $1250 (Each)

2 Section: 51″ w.  x  27″ h, with 30″ w.  x  27″ h.  x  gates attached. $550 (Each)

These sections are priced individually and may be sold separately, or as a lot.

Price: $3600

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