How to Replace Missing Clawfoot Tub Feet

Some of our orphan tub feet.

Unfortunately, finding a set of feet to fit a vintage claw-foot tub is going to be difficult. There are literally dozens of different designs for mounting feet to tubs. While we normally do have some loose feet, it is rare that we have a matching set of four. And even more rare that those would be the exact match to your footless tub.

The easiest way for us to try to get you a set of feet is if you have at least one of the old feet that could be compared with what we have on hand.
If you don’t have any feet it will be very difficult. We can usually tell from the mounts on the bottom of the tub what type of foot you might need, however hauling the tub around is impractical. The best solution is to send us (or another salvage yard) a picture of either an existing foot or the bottom of the tub. Also cut out a cardboard template of the bracket. This will make your search much easier and you will not have to tote your tub around in your quest.
Another alternative is to have a company named Creative Castings make a copy of your existing feet.  They also have a great photo gallery of tub feet!

Good luck!